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Dobil Laboratories Pittsburgh AV Audio Visual TV Installation Install


Dobil Laboratories is an award-winning, nationally recognized, full-service, audiovisual systems integrator. Our reputation for quality and customer service has been carefully cultivated since we opened our doors in 1971. We design and install large screen graphic projection, sound reinforcement, and sophisticated easy to use integrated control systems. Our clients span across the country being some of the world's leading corporations and educational institutions.


Dobil Laboratories started in 1971 selling and renting sound systems with Altec, JBL, and Crown equipment to bands.  Among the more note worthy achievements was a rental to the band Kansas (Carry on my Wayward Son) for a space that held 800 people. We also rented equipment to a local band called Wild Cherry (Play that Funky Music Whiteboy).


Bands transitioned into discos and our talents grew to include projection and lighting in addition to sound systems.  Dobil specialized in Hotel Discos; particularly Marriott’s. Many sound systems were installed across the country, from Minneapolis to Atlanta.  However, the Disco Era came to end and Dobil faced a major problem: what were we going to do for business? After researching the business market and the audio visual industry, we realized that corporate meeting rooms and college lecture halls used the same technology we used in Discos: projection, sound, and lighting. With our extensive knowledge, Dobil transitioned into the selling AV Systems to corporations and colleges. In fact, we converted many of the discos we installed at hotels into corporate meeting space with sound and projection systems.


Today, Dobil Laboratories provides the highest quality audio visual solutions to some of the most established universities and corporations in the world. Dobil holds over 100 employees with extensive knowledge in their respective fields. We stand by our reputation that we have been cultivating over the last four decades. No matter your audio visual needs, Dobil Laboratories guarantees the solution.

AV Audio Visual technology Pittsburgh Installation TV television communication corporate conferencing
AV Audio Visual technology Pittsburgh Installation TV television communication corporate conferencing

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