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Dobil Laboratories Pittsburgh AV Audio Visual TV Installation Install

Dobil Laboratories is the leading supplier of integrated audiovisual systems in the country for colleges, universities, and other higher education institutions. We service small conference rooms with wall mounted LCD monitors, small classrooms with single ceiling mounted projectors and manual projection screens, and full featured multisite distance education facilities. Dobil Laboratories offers our higher education customers with a single source for reliable, easy to use audio visual systems.


In today's education environment, students seek out institutions demonstrating a commitment to using technology in the classroom.  Professors demand technology that supports, rather than impedes, their teaching style. Rather than worrying about which button is need to push next, students and teachers can concentrate on lecture content.






> Lecture Capture

> Interactive Whiteboard

> iPad Integration

> Distance Learning

> Annotation

> Digital Projection

> Video Collaboration

> Remote Room Monitoring

> Video Conferencing

> Control Systems

> Touch Panel Interfacing

> Multi-Media Classrooms

Higher Education