About Dobil

Dobil Laboratories custom designs and installs large screen graphic projection, sound reinforcement, and sophisticated easy-to-use integrated control systems. Our elite team of Crestron Certified programmers design unique audio-visual solutions for classrooms, conference rooms, board rooms, arenas and more. Our credentials far surpass our competition and our combined knowledge and experience allows us to create a solution that communicates seamlessly across media but is easily accessible for the end user.

Our History

Back in 1971, we began renting out sound equipment to bands, including Kansas and Wild Cherry. With the success of this endeavor, we branched out and began integrating light and sound systems into the popular discos of the decade. As the popularity of the discos dwindled, our branches continued to grow and we expanded our talents with projection, sound and lighting into corporate meeting rooms and college lecture halls. We expanded further into sales, recruited, trained and certified our very own talented experts, and grew to what Dobil Laboratories is today. Your unique audio-visual solution.