Our Services

Enterprise AV

Dobil Laboratories can take your corporate space and create a digital dream. Our team of programmers will utilize the most modern but lasting technologies to design intelligent, practical and easy-to-use solutions. Our installations solve the most complex problems and our programming is designed so that each piece communicates seamlessly and every user can navigate without difficulties. Use Dobil Laboratories in your corporate space to automate, integrate and collaborate.

Hospitality & Event Production

Differentiate yourself in the hospitality industry and make your event one to remember by utilizing Dobil Laboratories’ team of experts. Our access to the largest projection screens in the area, the clearest audio available and the most modern technical inventory allows us to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Our team will handle the technical details so you can concentrate on hosting the perfect event. We offer live-streaming and broadcasting options for audiences that cannot be physically present and we will ensure that your message is presented clearly and with technical perfection.

Higher Education

In today’s education environment, students seek out institutions demonstrating a commitment to using technology in the classroom. Professors demand technology that supports, rather than impedes, their teaching style. Rather than worrying about which button is need to push next, students and teachers can concentrate on lecture content.

Dobil Laboratories can install solutions in today’s classrooms and universities that are consistent from room to room and are simple to employ campus wide. We design and implement technologies with simple features and functionality that are not overcomplicated. We will take away the guesswork so that when an instructor enters the classroom they will be confident that the technology will be accessible and easy to operate.

Digital Signage

Whether you are looking to create an interactive experience for you customers or need signage to deliver a simple message, Dobil Laboratories can help you create and design all your digital signage. From the very simple lighted still signs, to the very complex touch screens, digital signage can be seen in medical offices, malls, airports and offices everywhere. To enhance your marketing message and brand presence or provide digital directions or instructions in the entrance of a building or office, digital signage may be the solution Dobil Laboratories can design for your needs.

Hosting Services

With the use of remote monitoring services, Dobil Laboratories can design solutions for higher education institutions and even corporations to monitor multiple rooms on an enterprise system. These solutions can allow users to diagnose issues in multiple rooms from one command center and have all classrooms, meeting rooms, or areas on one network. For universities and corporations that operate audio visual installations in multiple rooms simultaneously, this is an ideal solution for troubleshooting and maintaining control of the technology.


Today’s teachers need a technology solution that they can be confident will be accessible and simple to operate. Dobil Laboratories can offer K-12 classrooms over 40 years’ experience and design solutions including digital signage and audio and video conferencing that can enhance and improve the educational experience of both the teachers and students.

Life Safety & Security

Dobil Laboratories recognizes the importance of safety and security in homes, schools and corporate spaces. We offer technology solutions that can increase security levels of your space including the installation of camera monitoring systems, alarms and burglary alert systems. We will assess your space and design the most effective and intelligent solution to maximize security and increase the level of safety for those utilizing the space. These services include nurse call systems in hospitals and training facilities as well as fire alarms and paging systems in airports, offices and manufacturing spaces.